I'm Motoharu Miwa.

Hi!!  I'm Motoharu Miwa.
How are you today?
Me? I'm really great everyday! (゚∀゚)/〝

I started this Blog that tell to you the REAL STYLE of JAPAN as a modern Ninja.
Because I'm Japanese, and I love Japan!
Have you ever been to Japan?
oh, too bad... You should come to japan!! Japan is really amazing country.
but, if you can't come to japan, it's no problem.
It only has to see this Blog. However, until August.

I'm gonna go to NY at August.
I want to be a STYLIST.  I'll go to study for that.

I worked Dior Homme for 4years.
I wanted to make the new style by using those beautiful items.
but I haven't known world. Only japan.
I need study to make a beautiful style.
and I want to tell to you JAPAN.

... I 'll report of NY at August.